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A cash Property offer refers to an all-cash offer made by a purchaser to the seller of a real estate property. The purchaser does not need a mortgage or any other type of financing to complete the transaction and is willing to pay cash to close the transaction. A cash buyer enjoys an advantage over other buyers who need a mortgage because the seller is interested in choosing a buyer who can close the transaction quickly without an uncertain underwriting process.


How to Make a Cash Offer on property

Depending on the nature of the market, a cash offer provides several benefits to both the seller and the buyer. The buyer should follow the right procedure when making a cash offer to make sure it is accepted by the seller over other offers. 

Here is how to do it the right way:

Accumulate cash into one account

Prepare a budget for home-buying expenses

Prepare a budget for home-buying expenses

A buyer can source cash from various sources such as personal savings, cash gifts from family and friends, inheritance money, employment income, business income, etc. Accumulating the funds into one account can make it easy to track the money you will need at the time of closing. It will also be easy to produce one bank statement as proof of funds rather than having to provide multiple documents to the seller as proof of funds.

Prepare a budget for home-buying expenses

Prepare a budget for home-buying expenses

Prepare a budget for home-buying expenses

Apart from having ready cash for the real estate property, the buyer should also have a budget for other home-buying expenses. Some of the expenses may include property taxes, home inspection fees, and homeowner association fees. The total budget for all the expenses varies from state to state. The buyer should check out the specific costs before entering into a purchase contract.

Create the cash offer

Make the deal attractive

Make the deal attractive

The buyer or his/her agent should fill the form used in the state where the property is located. The buyer should include a modest deposit that boosts the credibility of the offer. They should also attach a copy of the latest bank statement as proof that the buyer has the funds required to close the transaction.

Presenting a cash offer removes the need for a financing contingency, which is a common requirement in real estate transactions where the buyer is using bank financing. Depending on market conditions, the buyer may present a lower offer than what other bidders with financing are offering the seller. The seller may be willing to accept a lower purchase price in exchange for being able to close a deal quickly.

Make the deal attractive

Make the deal attractive

Make the deal attractive

Where the seller is presented with a host of cash offers from interested bidders, the buyer will need to sweeten the deal to convince the seller that their offer is the best. Since a cash offer does not involve an underwriting process, the buyer may propose a nearby closing date of about 10 days instead of the usual 30 to 40 days or more.

If the property is new or recently renovated, the buyer can remove the home inspection contingency and offer to conduct a home inspection for information purposes only. Another way to sweeten the deal is to offer a premium price that is above all existing offers.

Benefits of a Cash Offer on Property

Fast closing

No contingencies

No contingencies

A buyer who is offering cash for the purchase of a home does not need the lengthy waiting period of a traditional home sale. Once all the required contingencies have been met, the two parties can close the transaction in less than 10 days. The seller will get their money sooner, and the buyer will take over the ownership of the property within a short duration.

If the buyer is using loan financing, the process can go longer than a month as the lender verifies the creditworthiness of the buyer. If there are questions regarding the credibility of the borrower, the lender will not approve the loan, which will derail the process.

No contingencies

No contingencies

No contingencies

A traditional home sale that includes a mortgaged home buyer typically requires various contingencies before the transaction can be closed. Some of the contingencies include home inspection, appraisal, mortgage financing, etc. The contingencies serve to slow down the process. In the case of a cash offer, the buyer may choose to skip the contingencies and remove potential stumbling blocks that may derail the purchase of the property.

Drawbacks of a Cash Offer

Tying up funds

Sacrifice tax deductions

Sacrifice tax deductions

Buyers will be tying up a lot of funds by offering to pay for the property all at once. They may face a shortage of cash that could have been used to invest in other assets.

Sacrifice tax deductions

Sacrifice tax deductions

Sacrifice tax deductions

A buyer that uses a mortgage to purchase a real estate property enjoys tax breaks on the mortgage interest payments. When a buyer decides to purchase a home using cash only, they miss out on the tax deductions that they would’ve enjoyed if they used mortgage financing to complete the transaction.


Cash offer considerations if you’re buying property

So, should you put in a cash offer on property ? Just because you have the means doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right move. Though there can be advantages to making an all-cash bid, there can be downsides too.

Here are some pros and cons you should keep in mind as you make your decision:

Pros of making a cash offer:

  • They give sellers more confidence

  • They can offer a faster closing period

  • Your credit score doesn’t factor into the process

  • You don’t need a home appraisal

  • You can save money over time (no interest payments)

  • You reduce the paperwork and documentation required

Cons of making a cash offer:

  • It takes a significant amount of money

  • You’ll limit your liquidity and tie up your wealth in one, hard-to-move asset

  • You won’t be able to use mortgage-related tax deductions

  • You may also want to take into account the overall competitiveness of the market — and the exact house you’re vying for. If the market’s hot and there are lots of other interested buyers, a cash offer may help you jump to the front of the line.

Finally, don’t mistake your offer as all the cash you’ll need. In addition to what you’re paying the seller, you’ll also need the funds to cover property taxes, homeowners insurance, HOA dues, earnest money, moving expenses, and more. Make sure you have the money to handle it all without depleting your savings (you’ll also want a cushion for unexpected repairs and maintenance tasks).


Cash offer considerations if you’re selling your property

If you’re selling your property, you’ll probably encounter a cash offer or two along the way — especially if you’re in an affluent market or a place that’s attractive to investors.

Generally, these are the types of buyers who will offer cash:

Investors looking to fix and flip properties or buy them and hold them as rentals

Retirees tapping their savings to avoid mortgage financing costs

Previous homeowners using their sale proceeds to purchase a new property

Wealthy buyers who can afford to put down large amounts of cash

Regardless of who submits the cash offer, you should weigh the pros and cons carefully before accepting it. Though there are advantages to going the all-cash route, the move isn’t for everyone.

Here are some pros and cons to keep in mind:

Pros of accepting a cash offer:

  • There is no risk of buyer financing fall-through

  • The closing process is usually faster

  • There typically won’t be an appraisal

  • You might avoid some contingencies

Cons of accepting a cash offer:

  • It might be lower than other offers

  • The buyer usually isn’t vetted as thoroughly

  • If you do sell to an all-cash buyer, it’s important to understand the pros and cons and ensure you’re making the best decision for your situation.

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